A.T.M.’s With a Human Touch

Bank of America is now introducing live video streams for A.T.M customers. These on-screen tellers are sitting in call centers located in Florida and Delaware. They can help from a video stream for transactions like check cashing. This innovative automated teller machines will be placed at branches in Boston and Atlanta later this spring. Shelley Waite who is the senior vice president and head of the A.T.M business at Bank of America stated that these new machines will be able to handle mostly anything an in-person teller can. However this excludes obtaining a cashier’s check. These new A.T.M’s will expand branch hours, while adding more capabilities. If the customers do not want to use the new machines they can also use them as traditional A.T.M.’s. Although Bank of America removed some machines at convenience stores and shopping malls, they still have more than 16,000 A.T.M.’s.

I think that this new innovation will help customers across the board as they will have extra options and the branches will effectively be open longer. I think this will please customers as they can work around their own schedules more efficiently.

URL: http://bucks.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/04/an-a-t-m-with-a-real-teller-on-the-screen/

-Jonathan Chan


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