U.S. Economy Adds Just 88,000 Jobs

Unemployment rate seems to be the main topic in most of our political campaigns and on the news. The Labor department reported that employers only added about 88,000 jobs in the month of March. The new unemployment rate is now 7.6% and although is the lowest since December of 2008 but many economists have stated the reason for the decline is because of the people who are dropping out of the work force. The important fact from this statistic of gaining 88,000 jobs is that it is the lowest amount since June of 2012, the Fed is suggesting although there is an improvement in the economy, the rate of growth is still very slow. Some of the officials in the Fed are inclining to continue hold the interest rate near zero until the unemployment rate falls to 6.5%. Until then the stimulus programs will not come to a stop.

I really hope the job market and the economy improves much more by the time I graduate. I have about two years left and hopefully by the time I graduate, the unemployment rate will no longer be an issue for all of us. I really hope these officials in Washington D.C. know what they are doing and I wish they will not let us down again.

-Derby Ng




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