Investor Confidence Goes Down

As the economy is starting to recover with the Dow setting new highs and increase in housing prices investors were becoming more confident, but this confidence is being tested as the news that only approximately 88,000 new jobs were added last month was reported. Investors are starting to worry about how the economy will pull through this spring especially since spring has not been a flourishing season for the past 4 years. Other news including the Cyprus bailout has also affected the investor’s confidence despite the fact that the federal bank is continually trying to pick the economy back up.

Investors play a major role on the economy, so it is important for the government to not only think about consumers and large corporations but those who are investing as well. Investors help improve our products, and although people may see them as sharks the money that they invest into certain corporations can have a positive impact on investors.

Written by: Jessica Ho
Source: The Wall Street Journal


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