As Web Search Goes Mobile, Apps Chip at Google’s Lead

As we venture further and further into the future we see the populace moving toward time efficiency and quality. This is especially noticeable when it comes to searches on the Internet. Specific apps such as Yelp, Amazon and Kayak all take away customers that would of normally used Google. This movement toward clean cut and straight to the point answers are starting to affect Google. Google is now being used less because consumers don’t want a list of relevant websites due to the keywords they typed in. Consumers want simplistic answers so they can easily move on with their daily lives.

This shift in demand has opened Google’s eyes. Google is trying to adapt in a number of ways. They now give answers to questions, along with relevant links to Web sites. They also introduced “the knowledge graph”. This knowledge graph is unlike its other search engine as it doesn’t just match keywords to Web sites, it understands correlation among people and other references.


-Jonathan Chan


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