The Garden Continues To Grow

Madison Square Garden is the home to the New York Knicks and Rangers. It is a stadium for the teams to play at and also a good venue for people to perform at. In many sports arenas the team’s streak can influence the price of the property and although the New York Knicks have not been doing very well, Madison Square Garden is still very valuable. The Garden has been remodeling and this has made its shares much more valuable. Many investors see the profitability of Madison Square Garden and continue to trade its shares.

It is good that investors are willing to pay attention and invest in something like Madison Square Garden because it will have a large impact on the community. Having such a valuable arena makes New Yorkers feel more pride in their teams, and can ultimately push sales in merchandise related to the City’s team. Madison Square Garden has recently seen its new competitor; The Barclay Center but it is still standing strong.

Written by: Jessica Ho
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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