Apple to Begin iPhone Production This Quarter

Just a few weeks after the debut of Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple has made a decision to shake things up this coming summer. Reported rumors of Apple planning to have a summer launch of their newest version of their iPhone. Apple’s iPhones always made their launch in the fall time but with so many new phones coming out and smartphones are starting to be considered as commodities, Apple is going to change their usual routine with the hopes of increasing their dominance in the United States.

With the spread of new phones releasing, the profit margin of phones aren’t what they used to be and Apple is trying to adapt to this scenario by possibly making a cheaper iPhone to appeal to even more audience. It is going to be a huge risk for Apple but it might work out in the long run if things go their way. 

I am not an iPhone owner myself but I like the sound of a cheaper smartphone, with most cell phone companies requiring 2 year contract it makes it extremely difficult to get a new phone every year at a discounted price. Their decision to lessen the price of their phones might make me an iPhone owner in the near future. 

Derby Ng


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