New Disney Characters Make It Big in TV’s Preschool Playground

The children are our future, and are also the future of television channels. The value of their brand loyalty is immeasurable and because of this many channels such as Nick and Disney are trying to retain children as they grow up. “Dora the Explorer” came out on Nick Jr during 2000, and since then it has remained cable television’s No. 1 channel dedicated to preschool children. A major reason for Nick Jr’s success was the lack of competition. However, since Disney Junior has launched Nick Jr. ratings has already dropped more than 50 percent. Disney Junior shows are doing so well, their merchandise sales are expected to surpass $1.5 billion this year alone. According to studies, children between two and five spend roughly 32 hours watching TV every week. Disney and Nick are trying to give children a positive introduction to their channels. If done properly, they believe they will have a loyal demographic that will migrate from show to show within the network channel as they grow older.


-Jonathan Chan


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