Corporate News: Saudis Seeking to Regulate Skype, Other Web Services

Suppression and repression is not uncommon outside the United States. Places like China and more specifically Saudi Arabia have been restricting social media. Saudi Arabia has been tightening its control over apps and other mediums of communication. Recently the Saudi Arabian government has been trying to regulate internet-based messaging services such as Skype. Although the extent of the threats by Saudi Arabia are uncertain, most likely they will ban the usage of those services unless the providers comply with their demands. Saudi Arabia wants the ability to monitor some users’ conversations. They are extremely concerned with the way their populace embraced social media and these new forms of communication. They are fearful of this because of the freedom and open expressionism they facilitate. For example there has been some criticism of Saudi authorities by some users of Twitter. The problem with Saudi Arabia’s desire to restrict social media is the sheer popularity of those mediums.


-Jonathan Chan

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