Chinese Manufacturing Picks Up

Chinese manufacturing activity has picked up this month according to an article published in The Wall Street Journal. Some economists attribute this acceleration in manufacturing to the uninterrupted work month; The lunar new year which took place in February, is a weeklong holiday when factories close and workers return home. The manufacturing index of China rose 0.8 points since last month to 50.9 which is the highest reading since April of last year. Regardless, economists are saying that this increase is “not that strong at all” because the manufacturing index typically rises by around two points in March.

The Chinese economy has seen a rapid expansion in a period of over a decade. The country’s GDP growth of 7.8% in 2012 exceeded expectations by 0.3% yet was recorded as the weakest growth by the country in 13 years. China’s expansion has had adverse effects on the people of the country; Beijing has assumed the throne as the most polluted city in the world and 1.2 million premature deaths have been attributed to the air pollution in China. The government’s target growth for GDP is 7.5% this year but perhaps it would be wise to consider the health of the people… Air pollution crippling the work force may not be in the best interest of the country in the long run.

Evan Chang
The Wall Street Journal


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