Approval for Facebook’s Acquisition of Atlas Corp.

Facebook has successful won the approval from the U.S. antitrust authorities for their acquisition of Atlas Advertiser Suite, an advertisement company. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced approval on March 29, 2013; an victory for Facebook since the social network service based company relays heavily on advertisement clients for profit.

This acquisition of Atlas by Facebook, will be a threat to Google especially since Google has a 18 percent U.S display-ad market while Facebook only trails slightly behind with a 15 percent market share.

The service that Atlas contributes include monitoring the performance of the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign on its own company and well as other sites on the web; Atlas can also help companies choose and place ads on certain websites that are envisioned, based on statistics, to be the most effective. This information and service that Facebook will potentially own is a great measure in making more efficient and better marketing campaigns. The purchase of Atlas is a decision that is deemed to be brilliant, since online advertising business is set to grow at a continual pace for many years to come.

Written by: Victor To



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