Review: 2014 Acura RLX

A Japanese luxury auto making company, Acura, has released their newest model, the RLX. The RLX is a midsized luxury sedan, made bigger and more spacious than its predecessor, Acura RL. With its predecessor not being up par with their competitors, the new RLX has made many improvements. The improvements the model provides should make the new driving experience much better. 

The RLX’s base price is $49,345 and the competitors that they are facing are Audi A6, BMW 535i, MErcedes-Benz E350 just to name a few. The RLX just released and it is hard to predict how they will perform this year. As a car owner myself, I do not think I would take a risk on the first model on a new series. Usually the first batches are the ones with the recall issues and undiscovered hidden problems that are not found until the car has been used for awhile.

Only time will tell if the new RLX will perform better than its predecessor and will it overtake their competitors in market share? We will know in a year or so.

-Derby Ng


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