New Phone by Facebook to Showcase Its Network

Facebook plans to unveil their first smartphone which centers the whole phone around Facebook capabilities and services.  The phone will be made by HTC and run Google’s Android’s software but the phone’s functions will be built around Facebook services. Facebook plans to promote their new phone by exposing phone users to their ads as much as possible. When Facebook has become such an important aspect in people’s lives today, exposing ads through Facebook will not be difficult. This is not the first phone to be unveiled with Facebook function, but the new phone will be different than past phones with integrated Facebook functions in which the whole phone is centered around Facebook.

Although Facebook has become such a big part of our everyday lives, I am still skeptical of the success of this new Facebook phone. A Phone with Facebook integrated functions is not new and the phones were no very successful. Facebook will not have a problem exposing their ads for their new phone but they will still be competing against smartphone giants such as Samsung and Apple who’s been crushing almost all competition. A phone centered around Facebook will be good for the company, but it may not be want the consumer wants in a phone.

Written by: Wilson Tang



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