S&P High Is a Show of Faith in Fed

On Thursday, March 28th of 2013, Standards & Poors hit record high for the first time since 2007. The professional investors who keeps track of the index are finally starting to believe that the Federal Reserve is helping the economy. There is a strong support for chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernake for months to come, is looking at positive outcome from the market’s performance. 

Besides the S&P index hitting record high during the past few months, the DOW also went up by 11% this year, and Wells Fargo advisers have even predicted that S&P will even hit a higher mark. In addition, Nasdaq also rose 0.34% yesterday and it has recovered all their losses since the financial crisis. 

I hope all of these signs mean there much more good things to come in the near future, with hopes of landing a job when I graduate, I have no other wish but for the economy to be recovering and may be even better than situation we were in before the recession.

-Derby Ng



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