Health Halo Effect From One Common Word

Protein, a common term is now becoming a new trend word that captures many consumers and producers attention. Producers of many types of food products sees the essence of this new trend word where consumers share similar view of the health benefits of protein products. When companies transformed many of their product, where they include and advertise the word protein, they would see a higher growth in sales. The word protein is a health halo effect because people refer to this term as a all healthy benefit product. 

There are many broad meaning to the word protein, but all meaning results to a positive connotation. For example, a mother view the product with the label protein as a benefit for her child because she believes that the protein will give her child energy before certain activities; furthermore, she believes that the protein product will help her loose weight since it will keep her full for a longer time period.

Despite the fact from Center for Disease Control and Prevention, that most American’s who eat meat, have a sufficient protein diet, companies are quickly hoping on to this trend where they can benefit from increase of sales by including the health halo effect word of protein in their advertisement of the product.

Written by: Victor To

Source: Yahoo- Wall Street Journal.  


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