A Profit, Though Slim, for BlackBerry

BlackBerry a once popular cellphone brand has declined in popularity with the release of smartphones but is planning to revive its once-dominant brand. Blackberry introduced a new and innovative phone with new software in hopes to bring back customer loyalty. The introduction of the new phones and software helped Blackberry bring a profit which is a good sign of turning the company around but not as good as Blackberry had anticipated. The new BlackBerry Z10 was not promoted as well as other popular phones such as the iPhone5 and Galaxy S4. The BlackBerry Z10 was grouped with older model phones and promotional signs to inform customers were missing in a majority of phone stores. Mike Lazaridis, one of the co-founders of BlackBerry is announcing his step down as co-chairman and co-chief executive and to cut all ties with Blackberry.

BlackBerry’s new line of phones and software is helping the company bring in profits. The loss of $18 million from operation transformed into a $98 million profit, increasing shares by 19 cents. In my opinion the new BlackBerry Z10 could boost sales by a larger amount if promoted right. The release of the Z10 also gives cellphone users more options to choose from and with their new software many cellphone users will find it refreshing from the other smartphones.

Written: Wilson Tang

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/29/technology/a-profit-though-slim-for-blackberry.html?ref=business&_r=0


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