Corporate Field Trip: Learning From Startups

A new outlook of working in startup companies is that knowledge can be gained from learning how to get things done quicker, with fewer resources.  PepsiCo Inc. and Mondelez International, a snack company, both large companies are sending their employees to work at startups. Employees that shift towards startups are placed in an environment where the entrepreneurial spirit is driven because innovative and rapid ideation are necessary. Many other companies such as General Electric and New York Times Co. are also creating partnerships with tech startups and hosting media-technology companies, respectively.

Employees are transferred to work in technology and media startups because many mobile-technology firms have prototyping exercises and brainstorming sessions that forces them to think quickly and learn more about marketing efforts.  With less workers compared to larger companies, it tests the creativity as well as how to handle brand management. Since startups are just beginning, it is important how they put themselves out in the market and how quickly the consumers and other companies catch onto their marketing ideas. There are not as many data analysts but instead, there are workers who go with their instincts on what they believe will entertain people. A senior marketing manager described this as learning a foreign language, which I agree because when studying who the company chooses to target in the market, it is important to study what their interests are and how they can capture their attention.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Silverman, R. E. (2013, March 26). Corporate Field Trip: Learning From Startups. Retrieved March 27, 2013, from The Wall Street Journal:



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