Chinese College Graduates Play It Safe and Lose Out

More and more graduates, Chinese and American alike, are having a hard time finding jobs out of college. Ironically, on average, graduates with higher grades make about 10% less on their first jobs when compared to those with mediocre grades. A majority of students from China that recently graduated aim to land Government jobs. They try and get Government work because of the security it brings unlike private firms or start ups. Since China has a population-control policy, many students are pushing for safer, more stable occupations. This is contrary to their parents, as many started businesses during the 1990’s. Researchers believe that Chinese students are more conservative when choosing their occupation when compared to American students because of the lack of venture-capital and research funding available. Chinese students are seeing entrepreneurial firms as risky and unstable in our present global economy. Therefore most are straying away from starting their own businesses which in turn hinders innovation.


-Jonathan Chan


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