The Fight for New York’s Skies

The mergence of American Airlines and US Airways Group Inc., poses as a huge competitor in the market. There would be an increase in seats that leave La Guardia Airport because of the hourly shuttle that US Airways offers. The merger between the two airlines has to go through an antitrust approval, and when it does, it would be a credible competitor second to the Delta Air Lines. New York is a ideal location for controlling most airline seats because it generates the most fliers in the United States, and has the most business travelers that fly and pay more. It is difficult for airlines to take off and land in New York because it is costly, which is why most carriers merge or add larger planes.

The merge between two airline companies can offer a few more destinations and frequent flights that are highly demanded. Although they can offer more to New York, it is still a battle to who “owns” the New York skies because Delta is the official airlines for the major sports team in our state, that include the New York Yankees, Mets, Knicks, and Rangers. All the four competitors, United, Jet Blue, Delta, and US Airways have their own niche in which they have their own operations, but many of these companies plan to take part in joint ventures or improve their companies to increase their own sales. There will not be a dominant carrier in New York because of the competitiveness in each airline.

Written by: Samantha Chin

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Carey, S., & Nicas, J. (2013, March 26). The Fight for New York’s Skies. Retrieved March 26, 2013, from The Wall Street Journal:



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