Japan Times Reaches Deal With New York Times

In efforts to improve its market and increase exposure, Japan Times has joined with The International New York Times to include a section of The Japan Times starting October 2013. This section will be produced in Tokyo and Osaka, whereas The International New York Times will be edited in the offices in Hong Kong, New York, and Paris. Subscribers will also have full access to the mobile app, allowing them to read the news on tablets, mobiles, and computers. The accessibility and amount of content in The Japan Times combine to make this publication the country’s largest-circulation English-language newspaper.

It was smart for Japan Times to form this deal with New York Times because readers will be more knowledgeable about current events in Japan. At the same time, it helps increase Japan’s international exposure. Also, with negative news about the profitability of the newspaper industry, it may be necessary for New York Times to rebrand and create new deals.

– Evan Chang




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