Coffee Table Books Can Be Tough to Sell in the Digital Age

Many traditional bookstores are forcing publishers that specialize in niche titles to attract more sales. Traditional bookstores are more of a risk opposed to online sales because it depends on who walks into the store and discovers the books. They face high competition due to the rise of e-books, which accounted for 3.5% of sales in the company Quarto. Quarto is a publishing company that sells niche titles that are picked up as gifts or by enthusiasts. The number of bookstores that are already present in the United States have already declined from over twenty eight thousand to about twenty seven thousand within a year.

A strategy that Quarto found to increase their sales was to sell their books in nonbook stores. By doing this, the chief executive, Marcus Leaver, believes that it would enhance the atmosphere of the store and also intrigue more shoppers when they see a book in a specialist store. There are not only cons that exist for traditional bookstores, but specialist publishers benefit through their innovations. Since they must strategize to keep up the sales of their niche titles, they have the power to allow customers to browse for books that interest them and become a business to customer company. Many online sellers like Amazon make it difficult for the specialist publishers because they only focus on best sellers or books that are highly promoted. Quarto and individual bookstores must find a way to compete against online sellers in order to still keep their sales and business as a publisher of niche titles.

Written by: Samantha Chin
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Gallivan, R. (2013, March 22). Coffee Table Books Can Be Tough to Sell in the Digital Age. Retrieved March 24, 2013, from The Wall Street Journal:


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