With the smartphone and tablet economy booming, now,  more than ever, kids are getting access to smartphones, tablets and more early. As a result, some schools are taking advantage of students’ deep connections with their devices instead of fighting it. They are now asking students to bring their own technology to class and this idea has become known as Bring Your Own Technology or BYOT. Besides the added benefit of allowing students to use the newest learning apps, which teaches them math, quizzes them, lets them share ideas with one another, BYOT also helps schools who are short on funds because of the reduction of money needed to maintain school computers for students.

Some large school districts in Central Florida and near Houston and Atlanta have already signed on for BYOT and are providing tours to school administrators from other districts who are deciding on whether or not to implement BYOT in their own schools as well. Initially, one of the issues raised was that poorer families could not afford to do so, but Don Boulware, Central Florida’s district director of technology services of schools points out that school officials recently noticed there is an inverse relationship between poorer families and the sophistication of devices, smartphones in particular. On a smartphone or tablet, classroom limitations are removed; this is the world that kids live in nowadays and what better way to utilize it than to bring it into classrooms.

Written by: Kevin Zhang


Richtel, Matt. “Some Schools Urge Students to Bring Their Own Technology.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 23 Mar. 2013. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. <;.


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