ABC Works on an App for Streaming Shows to Mobile Devices

The Walt Disney Company that owns ABC, is trying to create an app that allows live streaming of their programs. They are trying to make ABC programming more accessible  to cable and satellite subscribers by creating an app so people can watch shows on their tablet or smartphone. Walt Disney and ABC noticed the shift of consumer behaviors toward live streaming and is trying to take advantage of that research. ABC has been paving ways for other broadcasters as they were the first to sell TV episodes through Apple’s iTunes store and the first to stream free episodes on Hulu, which Walt Disney owns. Hulu is co-owned by Disney, Comcast and News Corporation.  With the new app’s potential, the future of Hulu is uncertain. The ownership of Hulu is susceptible to change, and really it just depends on whom shows interest.

I think this new innovation will be beneficial for people constantly on the move, however I don’t think that will make Hulu outdated. I think they attract two separate demographics as the app will heed to commuters and other people on the move that want to see the show live. While Hulu will satisfy people who want to leisurely catch up on older shows.


-Jonathan Chan


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