The Grand OLD Party

The Grand Old Party is in need of a major face lift if they wish to have an advantage in the next presidential election. Focus groups, comprised of voters that were former members of the Republican Party, have said that they find the “GOP to be “scary,” “narrow-minded,” “out of touch” and the party of “stuffy old men.”” A 100 page report has been published recently; analyzing and offering remedies to the issues the Republican Party.

How does this relate to the economy? Well the Republican Party has been advocating solutions to the budget deficit with the ultimate goal of eliminating all debt. This is a tad unrealistic in my opinion since their plan, in a nutshell, is to impose drastic cuts on the budget and lower taxes (what else is new). Apparently the rigidity of their position has isolated them from the majority of Americans; even prior supporters.  The GOP wants to change the delivery of their message… which will take A LOT of work.

Evan Chang



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