Aerocar One: A Flying Car You Could Buy Today — Or in 1954

Are you tired of being stuck in traffic? As an super impatient person like myself, the day a flying car is available is the day I will start saving up for one. The price tag of the first flying car will definitely be worth more than every asset I own as of right now but the price I am willing to pay to avoid all types of traffic is priceless. I will no longer have to worry about calculating traffic time into my commute and I might never have to feel road rage.

Courtesy Aircraft created a flying with a 1954 car and it was worth over a million dollars, if this is the price tag for all future flying cars, not many of us middle class citizens will be able to afford that. No one knows how much time it will take for the real thing to be released for everyone and no one knows how long the testing will take with so much safety issues to be concerned.

I can’t wait to have a flying car one day, that day might never come so for now I could only dream about it. 

-Derby Ng

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