Samsung Bets Software Can Lift Galaxy S 4

Who is the next big thing? The next big thing is here. Yesterday, Samsung has unveiled their latest Galxy model S4 in New York. With Samsung being the worldwide industry leader of the smartphone market share at roughly 30%, their software has to keep improving to prevent Apple from catching up to them. But there is an interesting fact with that statistic, in United States, Apple still dominant the smartphone market. 

Samsung has stated that the phone will be released sometime in late April of this year but the price of the phone has not yet been revealed. I personally am a android user myself and I would love to see what new features and a functions this brand New Galaxy has to offer. The latest disappointment with smartphones was the iPhone 5, according to the article, Apple’s stock prices dropped after the phone’s unexpected reception the phone received. 

If the Galaxy S4 also don’t do so well it could very well mean that the growth of the market of smartphones is slowing down. Regardless of how it is going to perform and how much it will sell, the Next Big Thing is here. 

-Derby Ng

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