Samsung Introduces New Galaxy Phone

Samsung finally unveiled its highly anticipated smartphone, the Galaxy S4. The new device is packed with new features such as smart scroll and a larger 5 inch display screen. As Apple’s strongest competitor in the smart phone market, Samsung is beginning to overtake Apple. Although Samsung has begun to overtake Apple in market shares globally, Apple is still dominating the smartphone market in the United States. Over the last three years, Samsung has grown at an exponentially rapid rate. Just last year during the holiday season, Samsung shipped 63.7 million smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was also highly anticipated last year, but apple’s IPhone 5 completely blew Samsung away. The newly unveiled S4 is bringing in bringing in as much hype as the iPhone two years ago.

After revealing the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time on Thursday, Samsung seems to be moving in a positive direction. Samsung is being recognized more and more as their technology evolves. The new features of the S4 are appealing to a lot of smartphone users and many people are eager to switch from their iPhones to the S4. With all the positive attitude toward the release of the S4, Samsung is sure to gain more market shares as it begins to take over the smartphone market.

Written By: Wilson Tang



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