Telecommuting: Win or Fail?


Telecommuting is seen by many to be a glimpse of what the future will look like.  It is something that has become part of our world very recently.  Employees can access their offices and get in contact with their colleagues without ever leaving home.  On top of all the obvious benefits to the employees there are benefits to the employer.  A study by Stanford University found that Chinese call center workers were thirteen percent more productive when they worked from home, which increases their value to the company.  At first glance telecommuting might appear as a practice that companies should embrace as soon as possible, but there are people who do not agree with this.  Yahoo’s C.E.O., Marissa Mayer, has banned the practice.  She received a lot of criticism for this decision.  She was even called “idiotic” and a “hypocrite” (I’m guessing she enjoys working in her PJs from time to time).  In the past Mayer has shown that she is a good leader and has brought very positive publicity to the company, so maybe she knows what she is doing.  In fact there are many arguments to support her decision to ban telecommuting.  The strongest argument is the decrease in employee cohesion within the company when the workers are not physically around each other.  Many new ideas are formed when colleagues walk the halls or drink coffee together.  If they are behind computer screens, this time for brainstorming is gone.

Written by: Toma Karamanolev



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