Importance of Monsoon Rain in India

Seasonal rainfalls, also known as monsoon, are critical in some countries where agriculture is the backbone for stability. India for example, relays heavily on the monsoon season especially since irrigation are not properly in place throughout India. In India more than 235 million farmers rely on rain to sustain their crops.

The danger of not having seasonal rain for India can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Price inflation is a big concern when a lower than expected rain-fall season exists. In 2009, a ban on exports such as sugar, rice and wheat was introduced by the Indian government in response to the weakest monsoon season since 1972.

According to Jatin Singh, the monsoon for this season is expected to be normal since it is considered an El Nino neutral year. India is the second- biggest rice, wheat and cotton grower and they can reach a level of boasting exports because of the normal monsoon season this year. India can potentially produce 110 million tons of rice in the year of 2013-14.

Written by: Victor To



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