A Camera To Capture Daily Life

In a generation where people enjoy logging the activities of their day through videos and photos, companies are coming up with products that would assist this hobby. Memoto created a wearable camera that is able to automatically capture photos of the user’s surroundings. The mindset behind this product is that everything that happens is memorable at some point. The accessibility of this camera will easily record and save this data. The camera is programmed to upload photos onto a compatible application for the user to review at the end of the day. In the future, the product is expected to develop into something that is even more accessible by connecting the device to various social media platforms.

Although it is important to record memorable moments throughout a person’s day, this device would disrupt one’s privacy. Not only would Memoto have access to all the data, they may be able to sell this private information. This product is also similar to Google Glass, which is another device aimed at letting users take photos without having to spend time to take out a camera. Memoto’s wearable camera is still at its primary stages in this questionable market. The successfulness of this product would be revealed as time passes.

Written By: Melody Mark


Wortham, Jenny. “A Camera To Capture Daily Life.” The New York Times 11 Mar. 2013, late ed., sec. B: 6. New York Times. The New York Times Company, 11 Mar. 2013. Web. 11 Mar. 2013.


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