Subscribing to Office, Now and Forever

Microsoft Office is running out of ideas and ways to innovate. Yearly they are faced with the task of making a better product. Microsoft Word for example is already a word processor, web design program, and a database and a floor wax. It seems with all these options there is nothing really left to add. Mainly the updated versions were just the reorganization of already present features. However, what has changed was the way you purchase Microsoft Office. You can either buy the basic Office package for $140 or you can upgrade to get more advanced programs for $400. Recently they enacted an annual subscription that costs $100 a year. This new subscription offers multiple benefits however it also has some setbacks. When you purchase this annual subscription you are able to download and run office programs at five different computers. The downside is that if you only have one computer, this $100 annual fee really adds up and becomes a nuisance.

I have person experience with Microsoft Office 365 as I had to repurchase it as my trial ended. I currently spent over $200 and it is extremely outrageous to pay this amount just for basic Microsoft programs.


-Jonathan Chan


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