Sharing is Caring


We live in an interesting age.  Technology is becoming a greater force in our lives every day.  It is changing the way we communicate and this is affecting the way that business is done.  Just like money helped “lubricate” the market by replacing the barter system, technology is now doing the same for the sharing economy.  Thanks to the internet and smartphones people can now share their property for a fee.  A person, who has a skateboard he won’t use for a month, can post online and quickly find someone who is looking for a skateboard to rent.  Through the use of smartphones he can keep track of his item and keep in touch with the “consumer.”  This developing trend can possibly shape the way that business is done in the future.   My hope is that this new way of sharing assets between humans leads to an even greater fluidity in the economy.  Hopefully government will keep its hands away from this market and allow it to regulate itself.

Written by: Toma Karamanolev



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