With Positions to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection

Jobs are becoming scarcer in today’s economy. Although the economy is slowly improving, companies are still hesitant in hiring new employees. Many are unemployed, thus refusing to spend, which results in a lower demand. This cycle causes the interview process to become prolonged. Because the interview process can last up to months, the interviewees are tested on skills that are not even relevant to the actual job’s requirements. Interviewees are called in again and again, in hopes of finally landing the job. In turn, actually going to these interviews not only wastes time, but money as well. Mr. Sullivan estimated that the interviews he has attended cost him $520.36 in parking tickets, parking fees, gas, and coffee during breaks. This does not even including mailing fees, dry-cleaning, and attending classes to become more proficient in the latest softwares. Many desperately seeking jobs hope that these investments eventually lead to a solid job. Companies are inconsistent about hiring because today’s market is unsettled.
Performing well on an interview in the business realm is not a definite factor in landing a job anymore. Nothing seems to be definite in the job market anymore. Companies are chasing after perfection in employees, which can be difficult to find. Even when those employees are found, there is hesitation to hire because of financial confusion. Therefore it is key that the foundation of business careers starts early on. Doing so enables experience to be added up, ultimately molding well rounded worker.

Kerian Maharaj



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