Dawdling in Pajamas

A personal attribute of mine which I began battling in the past two years is one that affects a multitude of people: laziness. As a student, I am often inept at getting work done at home so the library has become my haven for productivity.  However, recent statistics have shown that 9.4% of American workers work from home at least once a week which has lowered company costs AND increased productivity. In his article “More Americans Working Remotely” in the WSJ, Neil Shah writes how the critics of this recent trend think of home-based work as “employees dawdling in their pajamas” which I will admit was a belief I shared. I know I am biased however because this is a topic which I have discussed with close relatives and friends in the corporate world who occasionally work from home. All of them are without a doubt intellectually superior and harder workers than I, yet all have admitted to a certain lack of productivity on the days they work from home. Apparently this does not reflect the rest of the American work force because since 2000 there has been a 41.9% increase of Americans that work from home in the Management, Business and Financial field. Studies show that this practice increases the quality of life for many; if it lowers costs and truly increases productivity, “employees dawdling in their pajamas” may not be such a negative image after all.

Evan Chang




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