New Ads Promote New Houston.


Houston is currently going through a revitalized campaign to promote tourism in Houston. They are attempting to attract visitors by accentuating the good aspects of Houston. For example they are using local chefs, artists, singers, musicians, and museums instead of famous celebrities. The old campaign which ran for the past five years emphases people like George Foreman, Carl Lewis, and Jim Parsons. To contrast the old campaign they are using local stars that represent the “real” Houston. They are promoting their local attractions because of the realness factor Houstonians bring to the campaign. “The study, conducted by the research organization  TNS, found that people visit Houston for two primary reasons: its culinary offerings and its arts and culture scene.”

I think the new campaign is a great idea because of the fact they are promoting what Houston really is, not only what the rest of America perceives. The headlines are very simplistic while at the same time it still catches your attention. “Houston is tasty” (with a Fork as the Y) “Houston is inspired” “Houston is hip”.  I learned the importance of advertising worldwide, and the extreme benefits that come with tourism.


-Jonathan Chan

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