Keeping an Eye on Online Test-Takers

With the complex schedules of university students, the demand for online classes has been increasing. Online courses are becoming more popular but a problem arises when it comes to test taking for an online course. It has been a concern to many educators about the integrity of students. It is hard to prevent cheating during online test taking because of all the loop holes that cannot be solved. Proposed solution’s such as taking online tests at a regional testing is not feasible because that would defeat the purpose of an online course, to learn at a time that is convenient. However, a new developing technology may be able to bring an end to all the academic dishonesty in online test taking. ProctorU is a company that offers remote proctoring. This system can track and record up to 6 students per proctor. According to Douglas H. Fisher in The New York Times, the idea of a camera tracking may be more efficient. The implementations of this system would carry a mandatory fee that would be applied to the student’s online course.

The idea of being able to take class based on the availability of your own schedule is great and that is why these types of classes have been growing in popularity. Although I agree that cheating on these types of course are easy, there needs to be a solution to preventing this, but in my opinion camera tracking and recording is not efficient. Soon, taking online courses will require a webcam which not everyone can afford. The additional fees to implement this system are also a downfall, because there would be a dividing line between the poor and the rich. The convenience of taking online courses is only available to the more fortunate students.

Written by: Wilson Tang



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