Facebook Is Teasing A Big Update to One of Its Biggest Products

Are all the Facebook addicts out there ready for another update with Facebook? If so, you should be expecting some drastic change with your NEWS FEED, this is what most of us look at when we are bored, which is about 90% of our daily lives. If you’re not ready, go deactivate your Facebook. I highly doubt you guys will do the latter so you will just have to deal with it, like it or not.

On Facebook’s very own page, there is an invitation to see the new look of News Feed on Thursday, March 7th, 2013. Not a lot of information has been released about the changes or how much emphasis will be inputted into the mobile news feed. Mobile news feed revenue racked about 23% of Facebook’s forth quarter revenue. There are also rumors and speculations that it will revolve around the advertisements on the “News Feed”. I am guessing the updates will be focused towards increasing revenue, after all, Mr. Zuckerberg perhaps might want to take another world-tour with his wife.

I don’t know what to expect from this upcoming update. As with the previous updates, it never satisfies everyone. So I can guarantee there will be definitely some complaints on your news feed about the new “News Feed”.

-Derby Ng




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