Compressing Gas for a Cheaper, Simpler Hybrid

With the soaring gas prices, innovative technology to ease consumer’s spending is in high demand. Although there have already been concepts and plans for hybrids and full electric cars, the technology is not promising because there are still many obstacles for an full electric car to be as efficient as a car running on gasoline. According to PSA Peugeot Citroën, the second largest car maker in Europe, a new concept is set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show starting on Tuesday, March 5th. This new concept is a Hybrid Air Vehicle, which allows the vehicle to produce as many as 81 miles per gallon, which is a lot more than its potential competitor in hybrid technology, the Toyota Prius. The hybrid air system uses a reversible hydraulic pump that pushes hydraulic fluid to turn the wheels. Although this is only enough to power the car a small distance, the driving over a period of time can increase gas mileage significantly. The loss of an expensive battery also allows the car to be sold at a price well below average entry level cars, starting at $26,000.

This is a good approach for the car manufacturer to gain recognition.This concept is affordable and promising. With it’s low starting price, many families will be able to save money and drive efficient cars. The production of an Hybrid Air car will be revolutionary. I can relate to this, because I drive a gas guzzler, a cut in the cars on the road is not a solution to the rapidly increasing gas prices. We need innovative technology to move from gasoline powered cars to cars that are more efficient and safe for the environment.

Written by: Wilson Tang



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